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Izkor - Slaves of Memory

One of the most truly, most intelligent, most terrible and most sharp films about Israeli society. (...) A film on memory and politics?: this is the way that Israeli society exploits its myths to train hard people without doubts or remorse, the soldiers of the future wars. Tom SEGEV - Haaretz?

Izkor means 'remember', an imperative that is imposed on Israeli society through the public educational system. During the month of April feast days and celebrations take place one after another. Passover, the celebration of freedom gained by Hebrews after slavery for the Pharaohs, marks the beginning, then festivities make place for mourning during the Holocaust Day and Memorial Day. All over the country people pay respect to the martyrs and heroes of the Holocaust and a week later to Israeli soldiers who died for their country. Independence Day is the peak of this violent succession of emotions. Memory orchestrated vigorously by all official institutions.
Eyal Sivan shows how school children of all ages are prepared to pay tribute to their nation's past and sharply observes how the one memory is even physically conditioned into the future generations.

Eyal Sivan, France/Germany 1990, 97 min, Documentary, Hebrew
subtitles:?English, French, German
PAL, region free, on stock

Education, Memory, Nationlism, Israel, Heroism, Victim,?Holocaust, Institution

Procirep Prize and Jury's Special Mention at Fipa, 1991
Investigation Prize, at the Biennale Europ?enne du Documentaire, Marseille, 1991
Golden Lens, Tel-Aviv, 1991

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