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Forget Baghdad

(Insa Baghdad)

Timely and thought-provoking, "Forget Baghdad" takes a painfully ironic look at five Arab Jews caught up in a violent cultural identity clash. It casts a cold light on racial intolerance in Iraq, where four of the film's subjects were born, and Israel, where they now live. (Variety)

A filmic reflection about the stereotypes of ?Jew? and ?Arab? through onehundred years of film, contrasted with the history of Jewish communists from Iraq. The protagonists are Shimon Ballas, a writer and professor of Arabic studies in Tel Aviv and Paris; the best-selling Israeli author Sami Michael from Haifa; Moshe Houri, a former dealer in real estate; writer Samir Naqqash who only publishes in the Arabic language and Ella Shohat, a Professor of Film and Cultural Studies in New York who has written a standard text on the Israeli film industry.

Samir, Switzerland/Germany 2002, 112 min
language versions: English/Arabic, German/Arabic, French/Arabic, Italian/Arabic, Spanish/Arabic, Arab short version, English version with Arab or Hebrew subtitles
Bonus 30 min

Prize SRG SSR idée suisse, Festival del film Locarno, 2002, Semaine de la critique
Zürcher Filmpreis, Präsidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich, 2002
Best Film, Arab Filmfestival Rotterdam ,2003
The Best Film Prize, Ismailia Filmfestival 2003, Documentaries Competition

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