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The North Road

(Al-Tariq Ila al-Shimal)

Karim, mid fourties, lives in France since his early teenage years. For the first time in many years he returns to Lebanon to transfer his father remains, who died during the war, from Beirut to his home village.

We ultimately chose the winner for its poetic, truthful and unsentimental portrait of an exile's return home to deal with his father's death 20 years earlier. The director, Carlos Chahine, portrays the absurdities and contradictions of how we deal with grief through humor, freshness and subtlety.
Jury Statement Tribeca International Film Festival

Carlos Chahine, Lebanon/France, 2008, 25 min, Arabic/French
Subtitles: English
PAL, region free

Lebanon, Exil, Post-War, Memory, Grief, Humor

Best Shortfilm, Tribeca International Film Festival
Golden Muhr Award for the best Arab Short Film, Dubai International Film Festival
Cinecin'court Award, Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier
Special Mention, Award of the Young Audience, Rencontres cin?matographiques de Dignes les Bains
Nominated for the 'Jean Vigo' Prize 2009
Best Short Film, Saint Paul Les Trois Chateaux
Best Short Film, International Euro Arab Film Festival AMAL
Best Traditional Short Film, Open Cinema Sankt Petersburg

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