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The Shooter

(El Takheekh)

Palestine is occupied by the international media. It is being staged by the international media for sensational newscasts and Palestinians have become "performers" of dramatic international evening newscasts.
The Shooter questions?the Palestinian resistance struggle and its decadence, reaching the point of the actual chaos and lack of control.

In this short film Ihab Jaddallah evokes, not without a certain humor, the?stuggle and the resistance of the Palestinians in these times of trouble and chaos through a whimsical self-reference. He thus also denounces the satiric attitude of a journalist, the comportment of the media, spectators and greed for violence. Critical of the instrumentalisation of the war and at the same time manifesting a new generation of Palestinian artists, THE SHOOTER is a meta-film: intelligent, sharp-sighted and skilful. (Paris Cinema)

Ihab Jadallah, Palestine 2007, 7 min, colour, Arabic
Subtitles: English or Spanish (please indicate leanguage in the comment section)
PAL, region free

Media, Newsproduction, Palestine, Imperialism, Conformism

Festivals (selection)
Mapping Subjectivity, MoMA New York
Tampere Film Festival
Shoot Me Film Festival
Short Film Corner Cannes Film Festival
International Short Film Festival Hamburg
Paris Cinema
Amal Arab Film Festival Galicia
Winterthur Short Film Festival
Tout Courts, Aix-en-Provence
FID Marseille

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